A letter to a dying man

Book author:

Daniel Huete


Daniel Huete

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Parbpim Printing, Thailand

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Digital printing, 4 colors

Text author:

Daniel Huete

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Swiss Brochure


Unprint Burano black paper 250 gsm with hot foil stamp


EM08 Premium paper 100 gsm

This book is journey through time and emotion. Narrated through a letter from his grandmother, given to him when he turned 18, the book serves as a way to explore his complex past—marked by his parents’ drug addiction and his mother’s untimely passing. As Daniel grapples with his past and present circumstances, the book becomes a cathartic outlet for him, allowing the expression of long-buried feelings and thoughts. It’s a compelling exploration of acceptance, understanding, and the transformative power of confronting one’s own history and fate.