It’s not a dream

Book author:

Rohit Saha


Rohit Saha

Book publisher:

Bad Eyes

Printing house:

Parbpim Printing, Thailand.

Printing technique:

Digital Printing

Text author:

Rohit Saha

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Thread Sewn- Glued binding.


Soft Cover.


Ivory 80 gsm.

The book “It’s not a Dream reflects my stay in Bombay from 2019 to 2022. I went through a number of personal experiences at this time, including heartbreaks, rejection letters, and unemployment, among others, which made me feel as though I was caught in an endless spiral called life. Despite the similarities, things were different in their own ways. As I found calm at the beach the moon kept an eye on me as i talked to the sea, me myself became my only company.