Changing Ecosystems

From Where I Stand explores how a more sustainable, inclusive and empowered future can be achieved. The 21st century way of living is profoundly influenced by the complex interdependency between people, the environment and technological processes – these interrelations are reflected from the perspective of 35 artistic positions, which are presented in six exhibitions across three cities.

The selected artists work at the crossroads of contemporary art, journalism, and activism: the ability to imagine something new is as strong as as their quest for facts and the need to engage in public debate. They are aware of where they stand and give room for the views of those with whom they collaborate intensively. In this context, the photographic image functions for the artists as a tool for visual research in times of urgent change.

With a variety of global and local stories, with which our daily lives and decisions are closely intertwined, the collected artistic visions could potentially accelerate a much-needed transition towards a greater balance between man, nature, and technology. From Where I Stand shows the necessity of a multitude of perspectives for this transition and wants to activate the mind to think and act differently.

Changing Ecosystems – Heidelberger Kunstverein Alexandra Baumgartner – How like a leaf I am | Eline Benjaminsen – Footprints in the Valley | Antoinette de Jong & Robert Knoth – Tree and Soil | Douglas Mandry – Monuments/The Waters In-between* | Rohit Saha – A Field Guide to a Contaminated Wonderland | Maria Sturm – How to Kill a Tree*

Curator: Iris Sikking.
FROM: March 19, 2022
TO: May 22, 2022
ADDRESS: Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany.