Min Ma Naing



Min Ma Naing is a member of Bad Eyes Collective from Myanmar, and she was based in Yangon till
June. 2021.Starting out as a press photographer, soon Min Ma Naing discovers that photojournalism was
too constraining for the stories she wanted to tell with the immerse and collaborative approach. Then she
decided to focus on her stories which strikes her at personal level. She also uses photobooks as art
objects and another layer of storytelling apart from image making. Her works have been showcased
internationally and published at international media outlet such as “National Geographic”, “The New
She has adopted the temporary pseudonym “Min Ma Naing” because of the political situation in
Myanmar. It means “The King Cannot Beat You”. She has been working on her visual research on border
imperialism and transitional migration while working on her personal response to the military coup in

Min Ma Naing

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