The Sun Is Still There

Book author:

Natthaya Thaidecha


Natthaya Thaidecha

Book publisher:

Bad Eyes

Printing house:

Parbpim Printing, Thailand

Printing technique:

Digital Printing, black and white

Text author:

Natthaya Thaidecha

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Exposed spine black sewn


Soft cover, Uncoated


EM08 Premium paper 100 gsm.

After my mother passed away, It made me realize how distant I had grown from my siblings and from myself.
We were all dealing with the secrets and conflicts our mom left behind, and it caused a lot of tension and vulnerability between us.
I felt so alone in those moments. Emotions were just washing over me, and it was hard to make sense of any of it.

Throughout this book, there is a sense of longing for escape, a desire to be free from the weight of everything.